HWFC Rebrand

After 10 years in the claret and sky blue, Hampstead have taken advantage of their lucrative new sponsorship deals to rebrand the club. In a nod to the old branding, we have taken on the adapted colours of Red and Navy.

The old claret and sky blue kit
The new re-branded all red kits


Along with our new, beautiful all red home team kit, the club logo has been given the once over also. It retains the basic features of the old club crest - A shield surrounding a football, with the club name and established date.

The old crest
New and improved!

Now in navy however, the new crest has as its central feature, a football-acorn hybrid, nestled between oak leaves - an homage to Hampstead's spiritual home, and current home ground, Hampstead Heath. The banner draped around the shield is inscribed with the Latin verse "non sibi sed toti" - plagiarised from the now defunct Hampstead Borough coat of arms, it could not be more apt for HWFC, translating as "Not for ones self but for all".